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Our next phase is to develop Community Lockers Rooms that will serve as a resource for youth.

Our institutions have become very punitive in nature, with incarceration, suspension, and expulsion, often being the first way to address deficiencies. We are seeking to implement a positive behavior-based reinforcement strategy, that provides incentives for youth to do better and show higher levels of community and civic engagement.

We are painfully aware that for many, their race and zip code create a special set of restraints that make life more difficult to navigate through.

Our goal is to gather baseline data on our youth, assign them to report to a locker room at least once a week to check progress, and give them incentives along the way.

Positive Behavior based strategies are proven effective. When youth are experiencing high rates of poverty and are not given the opportunity to access resources for themselves, they often make very poor, life altering choices. We believe that utilizing a point system that rewards positive behaviors, both raises the childā€™s expectations, and gives them the opportunity to earn the clothing, shoes, and other items, that they often go without.

We want to reinforce that effort and hard work pays off, and nothing will be given to them if they are not willing to do their part.