NBA star Rajon Rondo, The Rajon Rondo Foundation and Lineage Logistics have partnered in an effort to bring meals to the City of Louisville in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In support of Lineage’s international “Share a Meal” campaign, Lineage Logistics and The Rajon Rondo Foundation announced a donation through Feeding America, to support the local efforts of Louisville’s Dare to Care food bank. 

The donation will help provide 255,000 meals to families in need.

Dare to Care currently serves nearly 200 local agencies across parts of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

“For the past eight weeks, my Foundation has been supplying and delivering prepared meals, groceries and gift cards to senior citizens and the families of the youth we serve on a weekly basis,” said Rondo. “The need in our community is significant and this partnership with Lineage allows me the comfort in knowing that Feeding America and Dare to Care are able to help provide food to people who need it most right now.”

“The COVID-19 situation is putting tremendous pressure on Dare to Care’s operations and resources right now”, said Brian Riendeau, Dare to Care Executive Director. “To meet this massive spike in the need for food assistance, we need partners like the Rajon Rondo Foundation and Lineage Logistics now more than ever. This donation, which will allow for the distribution of over a quarter million meals, is a game changer for us”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic presents extraordinary challenges for moving, storing, and distributing food on a large scale,” said Greg Lehmkuhl, Lineage’s President & CEO. “At Lineage, we’ve built a business dedicated to shepherding food all over the world, and that experience puts us in a unique position to help overcome these challenges. We’re thrilled to partner with Rajon Rondo on our Share a Meal campaign and to help provide meals to families facing hunger in the City of Louisville.”

Lineage’s Share A Meal campaign aims to help provide 100 million meals to communities and people in need in response to COVID-19.

WLKY is also partnering with Dare to Care for a virtual food drive. 

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$1 provides three meals and a $25 donation pays for an emergency food box for a local family.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE or text “daretocare” to phone number 56651